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Stress Negative

sire: Warfare
dam: Big Time
Farrowed 10/12/11 - litter of 10
Scan Data: -
0.58 B.F. - 10.2 L.E.

Semen: $150 / dose - Guaranteed Settle
Bred by: Scott Stauffer - OH
Leased to: Shipley Swine Genetics

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Semen Shipped Daily
VISA, COD and Approved Account Billing



Simply the best one of all the Stauffer boars. Pitbull is my pick. Heavy - Heavy boned. You could not make one any more correct on his feet and legs. Level designed, super thick and square, tons of shape and muscle. Tremendous set to his hip and hind leg. Pitbull will sire champions. I have not seen one this good in a while, thanks goes to Scott. This is one hell of a young boar pig. He is flat good!!!!

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