Yorkshire: WGW Passing Lane $150 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Pretty Boy x TMF6 Light This 28-8
WGW Miss Detour x LFC4 Voyage 60-4
02/27/2018 Litter of 11
George Watson (KY)
Shipley Swine Genetics

This is one exciting Yorkshire boar. We purchased him in early July at approximately 150 lbs. He is bigger framed and taller fronted. He is also longer necked and longer headed but still stout skulled. He is big ribbed, thick topped and full rumpped. His underline is superb with 7-7 high quality nipples. Big wide spread, square made toes. Excellent bone, strong pasterns and super clean joints. Passing Lane is one of the most athletic York boars we have ever seen. He is backed by one of George's most productive sows. Different pedigree backed by generations of sow power. This guy can fix lots of problems we have today in the Yorkshire breed. George called in September and told me he wishes he had never sold the boar, we are glad he did!!! Extra Tall Fronted - Extra Long Fronted - Extra Athletic with Sow Power - Sow Power - Sow Power