Yorkshire: Trail Blazer $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Pathfinder x JRG Power Up
Firewall x JRG Wahoo
11/15/2016 Litter of 11
Shipley Swine Genetics
Shipley Swine Genetics

Trailblazer is a Very Elite Level Yorkshire Herdsire! His mother is our best generating Yorkshire sow. She's the mother of Not So Fast and grandmother of Buzz Kill @ McCoy's. We have kept at least one daughter in every one of her litters and are now keeping her granddaughters. Needless to say, we are rebuilding our sow herd around this phenomenal female! Trailblazer is an extremely well balanced and level made boar with an exceptional length to his head and neck. He is big footed with great size, shape and spread to his toes. His bones are big and flat and his joints are clean. Trailblazer's athleticism and range of motion is incredible! Study the length of his hip, the set to his hock and where it sits in relation to his tail head, as well as the set to his rear pastern. For one that patterns so well, he still has added substance. He has a big shoulder blade and forearm, a bold rib cage and a square hip and hock. Trailblazer can correct a lot of the problems that we face within the Yorkshire breed! He needs to see a lot of Yorkshire sows!