Yorkshire: Sawzall $75 / Dose
Buzz Saw x Bone Buzz
IFHH3 Convoy 2-7 x TBRO2 Ultra 35-4 x ARK1 True Grit
11/09/2015 Litter of 12
145 days to 250 lbs. .55 BF 9.8 LE
Shipley Swine Genetics
Shipley Swine Genetics

Super heavy duty Yorkshire boar with huge legs. Sawzall is a tall fronted, stout headed boar that is long necked and square chested. He is extremely big bladed with huge front legs. He is a bigger bodied boar that is level topped, long hipped and full rumped. He has a big back leg and is as correct out of his hip as you can make one. 7-7 on underline count with excellent quality nipples. He stands wide front and rear. His littermate sister was champion class 8 Yorkshire gilt at 2016 WPX. The fieldmen said she had the best hip and hind leg of any boar in the barn. Study this guys 3/4 photo. He is wide and square and packed full of product. If you need extra shape and levelness, if you need extra bone and structure, if you need a clean jointed, huge legged, Yorkshire boar with a great hip and hind leg, better study one here.