Yorkshire: Not So Fast $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Not Even Close
73-4 Firewall
08/08/2015 Litter of 14
.82 BF 9.40 LE 1.52 WPDA
Shipley Swine Genetics
Shipley Swine Genetics

This guy is the best Not Even Close son we have raised. We think that he is better than Not Even Close. We took this guy to the 2016 SWTC to win the show, he placed 2nd in class behind the Reserve Champion. Judge Cade Hummel described this guy as the biggest ribbed and best legged boar in the show. He talked about his heaviness of structure, his excellent foot quality and his tall fronted level design. He bragged on his thickness of top and amount of muscle he had. This guy comes at you wide, has a perfect hip and a stout skull. We think this guy is the next generation of Yorkshires. Perfect 7-7 underline. His dam is a great brood sow.
One Damn good Yorkshire boar designed to make great Yorkshire show gilts. Super Correct and Genetically Superior. And in the end they will make great brood sows.