Yorkshire: Not Even Close $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
6MSB3 Foot Print 21-5
WIU1 Shakin Hands 17-11
12/07/2013 Litter of 6
.89 BF 11.3 LE 1.75 WPDA at 365 lbs.
Norman Bros. (IL)
Shipley Swine Genetics

Not Even Close was the $145,000 Class 5 Champion at the 2014 STC in Louisville. Mike McCoy named this boar for me, he came running up and grabbed my hand and said "Great boar buy, he is the best I have seen in 2-3 years, it's Not Even Close ". We all laughed and said perfect name. This guy took us by surprise, we did not expect to find a Yorkshire boar this good. His heaviness of structure, his perfect feet and legs and his height of the point of his shoulder made him look out of place at the STC. This guys look and design separate him from the pack. His extra frame size and massive structure make him special. His littermate boar sold for $45,000 and littermate gilt sold for $17,000 (great litter). We think this is a boar that we will still be breeding sows to in 2-3 years. One like this doesn't come around very often. Not Even Close is designed to take Yorkshires to the next level. Did I mention he had the biggest loin eye at the show at 11.3