Yorkshire: Hammer Time $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
IBSY5 Touch N Go 1-9 x Untouchable x Spotlite
Wheel House x JRG3 Fortune 20-2 x Worth the Wait
02/01/2016 Litter of 9
Tony Holliday IN
Shipley Swine Genetics

Champion Yorkshire Boar at the 2016 Indiana State Fair

This guy just blew the competition away at the 2016 Indiana State Fair. Big, stout and rugged boar that could walk like a cat across the ring. When Jake called home he told me Hammer Time was a must buy. This great big legged, big square footed Yorkshire boar is wide and square underneath front and rear. He is massive down his big square top. His rib is big and his center body is full. Study his hip and rear legs. The angles are right, the joints are clean, his length of hip is incredible. The tail set is high. All of this allows him to take a long, smooth stride off of both back legs. His length of body, his long extended neck, his powerful big shoulder blade and his big stout skull all read as being a breeding hog. His front feet are big and his bones are flat and he is chucked full of muscle from head to tail. His appetite is huge as he will eat 12-15 lbs of feed a day and want more. We are damn proud to own this guy and we think his impact will be felt immediately.