Yorkshire: Fire Drill $50 / Dose
RIY4 GRUS Crowd Control x CDN0 In Control 3-7
DJDS Skull 7-2
01/01/2016 Litter of 7
1.58 WPDA .59 BF .59 LE at 295 lbs.
Ricker Yorkshires (OH)
Shipley Swine Genetics

Fire Drill Hit us really hard at Louisville this summer. This guy is a really good hog but parts of this guy is really special. When you are trying to make hogs better you call that breeding hogs. You are putting parts and pieces together to make the next generation better. Where this guy is good he is really good. Fire Drill is extremely stout skulled. He has a big brim around his nose. He opens up into a big square rib and chest cavity. His shoulders are pulled apart and he is big bladed. Big Legged and big toed. He has a big center body and a big square top to match. His rump is long and his tail set is high and his rump is full. He stands wide and square front and rear. His angles are right, his joints are clean. Kevin Ricker says he is keeping Fire Drill's littermate sisters. He said they are better than the boar. A great boar out of a really strong litter. 7-7 high quality teets, this guy is exciting.