Yorkshire: Born Ready $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
JGR6 Ready Made x RWG5 Concrete x Power On
PD54 Don't Stop Believing x The Journey
12/02/2017 Litter of 8
Travis Peters (IA)
Shipley Swine Genetics

When we are looking for a new Yorkshire Boar, we are always looking for one that will add or maintain structure, add or maintain look and design, add or maintain production (pigging ease, milk flow, appetite). One that will make Yorkshires better in the next crop. In this breed they are sometimes hard to find. We found Born Ready at the 2018 WPX. He placed 2nd in class 4. This guy hit us hard. Tremendous design and look. His maturity pattern is right. He is heavy structured. Longer necked and headed. Tremendous foot quality, excellent thickness and shape down his top and correct shape of muscle in his rump. Born Ready is extremely clean jointed. Notice his big massive forearm and rib cage. He is up footed and very mobile on all 4. He is sired by Ready Made from Jim Grimm. When he travels away from you he is as square to the ground as you can make one. Barrows and Gilts made like Born Ready will win a lot of Hog Shows. Females made like Born Ready will live a long time and generate in to the next generation.
Tough - Rugged - Durable
Designed to win Hog Shows and bred to make Yorkshires better.
Out cross pedigree to most Yorkshires.