Hampshire: Flat Tire $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
TBRO5 Busch League x Bumper Car x Lumber Yard x No Debate
DPF3 Special 36-1 x CAIN My World x DPF1 Special 12-9
07/25/2017 Litter of 15
Drake Purebreds
Shipley Swine Genetics

Flat Tire comes from a reliable and predictable source of Hampshire Hogs and is backed by one of the pillars of the Drake herd. 36-1 My World is as productive Hampshire sow that you’ll find anywhere and the mother of some of my favorites that Darrell has sold. Flat Tire comes out of her 7th litter, litter of 15, and she’s still in production there. When this boar hit the ring in Belton, he struck me as one of the most unique and interesting boars there. His ability to combine the extra look and extension through his head and neck with the extremely big chest, shoulder blade and forearm and huge rib cage is very rare. He’s incredibly heavy boned with a loose and correct skeleton and a flawless 7-7 underline. We think Flat Tire looks like a real breeding hog, the practicality and function we’ve come to expect from a Drake hog with more of the Extras.