Hampshire: Double D $50 / Dose
2MFF 4 Overtime 7-7
DPF3 Barron 29-2
08/12/2015 Litter of 13
158 days to 250# 0.51 BF 9.38 LE
Drake Purebred Farm, IN
Shipley Swine Genetics

Different pedigree here. Designed to make Hampshires do what Hampshires are supposed to do. Grow, stay lean, come in heat, farrow large litters of pigs and raise them. Double D is a thick made boar with a big broad top, big full rump and excellent nipple quality. He is a tall fronted boar that is extremely sound and very active. Love this guy's levelness, his length of body, length of neck and head. Study his tail set. Double D is designed to make really good Hampshires that will reproduce like Hampshires are supposed to do.