Exotic: Stone Calf $100 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Monumental x Hill Billy Bone
Pitbull x Warfare
02/01/2015 Litter of 11
145 Days to 250 lbs., .52 B.F., 9.02 L.E.
Scott Stauffer
Shipley Swine Genetics & Scott Stauffer

This young boar is pretty exciting. Love his color pattern. Zero Fit, Zero Paylean, All Natural 100%. I don't care what angle you look, this guy is wide and square and packed full of muscle. Feet are big. Hip is perfect. Extremely wide and square up front and just as wide behind. Love his top shape, he is big ribbed and has lots of center body. His ham-loin junction is smooth. His length of hip is long. His tail is straight up out of his rump. His rump is full and explosive. Hip and hind leg is perfect. His head and shoulder are bold. He is perfectly level. Head carriage is high. He is big legged and sound as a cat. Stone Calf is one very explosive, heavy structured young boar with tons of eye appeal. Pitbull and Monumental are 2 of the heaviest structured, soundest crossbred boars I have seen and they both were great generators. This guy should be a tremendous showpig sire.