Exotic: Ring Leader $150 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Mogul X Visionary X Bone Chill
Black Powder X Red Neck
.69 BF 6.9 LE 1.36 WPDA at 225 lbs.
Warren Bros. Show Pigs (IA)
Shipley Swine Genetics

Ringleader is one of the 2 Crossbred boars we purchased @ WPX in Des Moines. He was 2nd in Class 1, behind Chief. He comes from a firm that is building quite a reputation for turning out Cross boars that are always in the mix at every show. He is backed by some incredible females on both sides of his pedigree. Mogul is a Visionary son, out of the Samuel Diehm calico gilt that sold for $37,000 @ Crossbred Classic in '14. Ringleader's mother is one that the Warren's purchased out of Kirk Swanson's keeper pen. Kirk's keeper gilts are some of the best Crossbred females you will lay your eyes on and lay the foundation for many elite crossbred herds throughout the country. Black Powder was a Hillbilly Bone son that was incredibly impressive, but was only in service a short time. Ringleader is extremely tall shouldered with great extension through his head and neck, an awesome set to his shoulder and knee and a dead level design. What sets Ringleader apart is his prototypical hip and rear leg. His hip is long and level. His hock and pastern set is as good as you will see. His feet are extremely square with great toe quality and spread. Ringleader's ability to reach, plant and drive off both ends of his skeleton with such bounce and athleticism, coupled with his flawless design and square build makes us excited about his potential to sire elite level show barrows, gilts and boars!