Exotic: Midnight Rider $50 / Dose
Top Gun x Creature 63-11 x Bear
Power 2 Change 22-5
01/24/2015 Litter of 11
.90 BF 8.7 LE at 350 lbs.
Chad Andrews Midnight Farms
Shipley Swine Genetics

Thank you Chad for giving us the opportunity to own this young powerhouse. Zero Paylean. Zero Matrix. 100% Natural Boar. This guy has the look of a breeding hog, one that will just flat generate better hogs. Midnight Rider is long fronted but still massive. Long bodied and level topped but still thick. He is long, square rumped with lots of muscle. He is extremely big legged. His back legs are massive and he is still so clean jointed and correct. Great hip and hind leg, huge footed, correct toes and very athletic. He has an excellent underline, 7-7. He is stout from his big stout skull to his tail head. This guy will not only make great show barrows but tremendous females as well. Study the video. This guy is a breeding hog.

Click here to see a video.