Exotic: Iron Dog $50 / Dose
Visionary x Bone Collector x Super Monster
Super 8 x Super Man x Split Second
12/03/2014 Litter of 9
Not Available
RW Genetics Inc.
Shipley Swine Genetics

Another young exotic boat that's 100% natural, zero Paylean, zero fit. This guy came right off of a Cargill floor on regular feed. We love this guy's mobility. He is super flexible and super sound. All 4 legs are way out on all 4 corners. He is wide and square with lots of muscle. Iron Dog just gets better every day. He is very stout featured from his skull to his tail. His top and rump are full and his legs are big. He is level designed with a big full rib cage and lots of center body. His dam is really special. She is a littermate to Super Hot and Super Cool. Both boars have done an excellent job and have been very popular. Rick Whitman says this guy has looked like this all of his life. The show barrows and gilts here should be super competitive. If you want to keep crossbred females out of this guy, Rick tells me they should be very productive.