Exotic: Hangover $200 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Outta Breath
Blurred Vision
WPDA- 1.61
No Limit Genetics (CA)
Shipley Swine Genetics

This guy wins class 4 at the 2018 WPX. He was our pick of all of the Crossbred Boars. He has tremendous flexibility out of his hip and hind leg. He is a tall fronted boar that is long hipped and level topped. He is extra clean fronted with a longer neck and head. He is a big bodied hog with excellent thickness from head to tail. Check out his Weight Per Day of Age: 1.61. That is excellent. He looks like a boar that can preform and grow. In today's world there are so many Crossbred Boars out there that will not sire growth. Hangover is excellent on structure, excellent on bone and soundness, and excellent on muscle. He is bred and designed to sire Champions. Check out his underline quality, this guy will make Crossbred females that will win Hog Shows as well as Barrows that can compete on any level.