Exotic: Chief $75 / Dose
Big Man On Campus X Best Man
No Mercy X Black Onyx X Warfare
12/15/2015 Litter of 9
.66 BF 7.4 LE 1.48 WPDA at 260 lbs.
Eggers and Sampson Show Pigs
Shipley Swine Genetics

Chief was the Class 1 winner @ WPX and comes from a firm who is as hot in the barrow ring as anyone in the country. Chief's mother and grandmother are the foundation to the Eggers herd. His mother is the dam of Cory Sampson's High Point Dark Cross Gilt on the jackpot circuit in Iowa in '15 and Feel The Noise @ SGI. She is a littermate to the mother of the Grand Barrow @ San Antonio in '16. His grandmother is the dam of the Grand Champion Barrow @ Houston and Reserve Grand Barrow @ Austin(Star of Texas) in '16. Chief is an extremely stout featured and wide made boar, that balances up incredibly well on the profile. He has a stout skull, wide chest and big shoulder blade when he drives at you. When he goes away, he's as wide and square built as you can make one. I love the way his loin comes out of his shoulder and ties with the same squareness into his big, square hip. He profiles with the look and pattern of a big time show barrow. Chief gets out and motors remarkably well for one that possesses this much mass and substance. Chief is a great combination of width, muscle and show barrow design.