Exotic: Big 10 $50 / Dose
R U My Sister
As Good As It Gets
02/15/2015 Litter of 9
.45 BF 9.6 LE at 250 lbs.
Mark Gray (OK)
Shipley Swine Genetics

Champion Class 3 Boar at the 2015 IN State Fair Crossbred Classic

This heavy boned, super correct young Crossbred boar was my pick of this years Crossbred Classic at the 2015 Indiana State Fair. Big 10 is so correct in his structure, so massive about his bone and super correct on his feet and legs. This guy weighed 250 lbs. and had one of the biggest tops in the barn. A 10" loin eye in a 250 lbs. boar is huge. He is so clean fronted, so square made front and rear. He is wide underneath and on top. This young sire will be a great showpig producer. Study the video. Study the correctness of structure and study the total amount of muscle with a tremendous showpig look, upheaded and cocky.

Click here to see a video.