Exotic: Bank Roll $150 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
Above the Law
12/02/2016 Litter of 10
167 days to 250# BF- .67 LE- 9.21
Scott Stauffer
Shipley Swine Genetics and Scott Stauffer

What a year his sire, "Above the Law" has had. We love to breed hogs that are super heavy structured and sound. Bank Roll was that boar for us. We talked to Scott at the WPX, he told us about this boar that was a litter mate to the boar he took to Expo and won his class and sold for $21,000 to Top Cut. Scott wanted to keep this boar close because he wanted to use him. Bank Roll is long bodied and extremely heavy structured, big legged and super correct on his feet and legs. He is lean, heavy muscled and big backed. Has a long, clean neck and high head carriage and is still flexible on his hip and hind leg. His dam is one of his older sows that is a good generator and excellent pig raiser which is still very important. Bank Roll is Big Legged, Heavy Structured, Long Bodied, Level Topped, Long Headed and Long Necked, Wide Made and Square Front and Rear and He is Packed Full of Muscle.