Duroc: Kuba $50 / Dose
Bull Rush x Accelerator x Yak II
209-7 Red Bull x Ice x Gator
09/11/2015 Litter of 11
144 Days to 250 lbs. 9.26 LE .64 BF at 250 lbs.
Shipley Swine Genetics
Shipley Swine Genetics

Better pay attention here. Study the pictures. This guy will make Durocs better. He is 100% natural, straight off of the feeder. We did not even wash him. Zero paylean, zero fit. Big footed. Naturally tough made. Big strong legs. Tremendous power. Naturally wide. Naturally big ribbed. Naturally big bodied. Big loin eye. Big square top and rump. Tremendous set to his hip and hind leg. His dam is special, she flat generates. She is a littermate to Plow Horse. Great nipple quality. I am sure he will make great boars and barrows. Kuba will also make Duroc females that will win hog shows then go raise lots of pigs.