Duroc: Hot Spot $50 / Dose
TPSP5 Impressive 8-3 x NWEI3 Impeccable
01/11/2016 Litter of 8
.71 BF 9.5 LE 1.72 WPDA at 305 lbs.
AJ Genter
Shipley Swine Genetics

This guy can flat make super competitive show pigs. He is opened up underneath from head to tail. He is as thick as they come down his top and opens up into a big full rump. His rib is big and his center body is full. He has a great set of running gears. Genetically he is bred to make champion Duroc show pigs. Stud the pictures, they don't come any bigger chested, bigger ribbed, bigger topped, or bigger rumped. This guy will stamp them.