Duroc: Hang Em High $150 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
SCF Indian Outlaw x King of Outlaws x HP Overdrive
Miss Gretzky 3-3 x Royal Flush x Crown Royal x Perfect Game
12/15/2015 Litter of 10
Don R Smith
Don R Smith and Shipley Swine

Littermate to Bear Claw

Pictured at 2.5 years of age, he is one of the most impressive mature Duroc boars you will ever see. Hang Em High is sired by Indian Outlaw who had a littermate sister who was the Champion Duroc Gilt at the 2015 WPX Jr. Show. Indian Outlaw only sired one litter and from that litter, 3 great boars were sold. Bear Claw for $35,000 to Adam Beck, Hang Em High and a littermate brother sold to Stoney Creek Farm for $15,000 at 4 months of age. A littermate gilt to this litter was Grand Champion Duroc Gilt at the 2016 Summer Type Conference and sold for $35,000. Another littermate sister sold for $18,000 and another for $5,000 and Don kept the other two for himself. Miss Gretzky 3-3, their Dam is one of the most influential sows in the Duroc breed today. In March we had the opportunity to partner on Hang Em High. He is a rare combination of tall fronted, square build and extreme bone and structure with lots of shape and muscle. He has a very unique pedigree and his ability to generate Durocs that are on a different level is uncanny. This is a BIG TIME boar, his offspring in your program could pay big dividends. Remember this giant of a boar is almost 3 years old and right now his semen quality is really good. GET HIM USED!!!