Duroc: Brutus $75 / Dose
SDH3 Brute x SDH2 Red Hot x MM1 Ice 2-6
DRS2 Red Bull 10-1 x Yak II x MM1 Ice 2-6
02/22/2016 Litter of 14
Not Available
Shipley Swine Genetics
Shipley Swine Genetics

This tall fronted, thick made, long necked boar has a super big rib cage. He is stout boned, big footed and square. Brutus is packed full of muscle down his top and his big full rump. He has been housed in the bred gilt barn for the last 6 months eating 5 pounds of sow feed a day, chasing gilts and he just keeps getting better. We started using this guy in February. We pulled him out the week we left for Belton, snapped a few pictures and put him in the boar stud. This guy needs to see a lot of sows. He is very unique. His head carriage is high, his neck is long and clean and he is so bold through his chest, rib cage and center body. He has a power packed pedigree and is a linebred outcross to lots of Duroc pedigrees.