Duroc: All Day $50 / Dose
Austin Powers
05/18/2015 Litter of 14
.57 BF 8.8 LE
Ronnie Nelson
Shipley Swine Genetics

We found this boar at Ronnie Nelson’s in early December. It takes a damn good red boar to get us excited, and this boar is exciting. He is built from the ground up with huge feet and wide spread toes. Big legs with flat bone that allows him to get better every day. He is level designed, long necked, long bodied and long hipped. He has an ideal set to his hip and hind leg and strong pasturnes. All Day has a big rib cage with plenty of center body. He is thick down his top with a big full rump. This guy looks like he can do it all. Barrows - Gilts - Boars. Flat Good Red Boar. Excellent underline 7-7