Berkshire: Up Roar $50 / Dose
1 Up x Different Strokes x Dead or Alive
Superman x All You Want
08/18/2014 Litter of 10
Not Available
Kent and Kalen Brattain
Shipley Swine Genetics and Snyder Berks

Up Roar is bred to sire Champion Show Pigs. He is sired by the popular 1 Up boar at Wintex Farms in Texas out of a bred gilt from Maucks. His mother had an extremely successful run in Texas in 2013 being named Breed Champion 29 times and Reserve Champion 4 times. His Grandmother is the All You Want X Sugar Daddy sow at Brattains' that has been the foundation to many of their recent successes within the Berkshire breed. Up Roar is a very stout skulled boar that still has some length and extension up front with an incredibly big shoulder blade, forearm and ribcage. For as stout featured as he is, the angles of his shoulder and shape to front leg is near perfect. He drives at you with an extreme width and squareness to his chest and knee and goes away with very good top shape and a big square hip and stifle that sets to the ground with an incredible big rear leg. If your Berkshires need more show barrow look and substance of bone and stoutness of feature you need to study Up Roar.