Berkshire: No Thanks $50 / Dose
WTX6 Keep Talking x Speak Now x Dead or Alive
Double Barrel x Shotgun Wedding x Gunslinger
04/19/2017 Litter of 14
156 days to 250 lbs. .63 BF 9.9 LE
Shipley and Snyder Berks
Shipley and Snyder Berks

One heavy duty Berk Boar that is super clean fronted and still massive about his build. No Thanks has a lot of muscle, he is thick, heavy boned and big ribbed with ideal feet and legs. His Dam 9-4 Double Barrel, is a 6th litter sow that has weened 57 pigs. All of his littermate sister have stayed here. This guy is a big piece to the puzzle. He will make tough, durable Berkshires that have a rare combination of extra shape and eye appeal for the show ring. No Thanks has that extra rib, bone and structural correctness for growth and durability and backed by a brood sow for longevity and pigging ease and milking ability. Meat Quality Plus.