Berkshire: Holy Hell $150 / Dose (Guaranteed Settle)
High Horse x (Boardwalk x Speak Now {Full Sib to Juice It})
6-9 Juice It x 55-4 Main Attraction
02/08/2019 Litter of 9
148 days to #250
Shipley Swine Genetics (OH)
Shipley Swine Genetics (OH)

Holy Hell is a litter mate to Amen and has that same width and squareness to the ground. He is big topped with a big square rump. He walks wide from behind and comes at you with excellent width up front. Length of body is right and length of hip is really good. Underline is 7-7. He is clean fronted and big ribbed with plenty of body. His feet and legs are big time, his bone is heavy and his joints are clean. This is a real power hog designed to make great barrows and gilts that will compete any where.