Berkshire: Bartender $75 / Dose
Drinking Class x Bottoms Up x Shotgun Wedding
Double Barrel x Gunslinger 52-5
01/28/2016 Litter of 11
147 Days to 250 lbs. .56 BF 8.16 LE
Shipley Swine Genetics and Snyder Berks
Shipley Swine Genetics and Snyder Berks

This fast growing, super sound, heavy structured, young Berkshire boar has been a lot of fun to watch grow up. He is out of our #1 Double Barrel sow and sired by Drinking Class at Maucks. Hip and hind leg is ideal. He is a long strided, great footed, square made boar with extra extension and muscle mass. 7-7 underline. He is out of an extremely deep litter with all 4 littermate gilts staying here. If you need to make your Berkshires taller fronted, squarer made, super sound on all 4 and keep your growth, design and productivity, better take a look here!!