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Hawkeye - Day Tripper x
5712 Bruiser - Dr. Bone
Semen: $ 100 / dose
(Guaranteed Settle)
Test Data: 0.52 B.F. - 11.84 L.E. - 141 days to 250#
bred by: Shipley Swine Genetics  -  Farrowed: 12/18/2009
owned by: Shipley Swine Genetics, Brian Smith - PA, Jake Pepples - PA

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Better Than His Daddy ! ! !
Buffalo is the best Yorkshire boar we have ever raised. I have not seen one like him. He is super stout boned and big footed. Extremely wide base and full bodied. His shoulder loin junction is massive. He has a huge loin and he has continued to stay lean and super square. Study his ham loin junction, He is over 12" wide where his ham and loin join with zero jump muscle. Super level tail set with a great big square hip and hind leg. This guy is a changer. He is as wide behind as he is up front. His dam is special. Hawkeye has done a great job for us. This guy could take show hogs to a new level.

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