Gilts and sows will need to be bred when they are in standing heat. They will come into heat every 21 days and stand for 2-3 days until they become bred. During this period of standing heat, their vulvas will become swollen and have some discharge. You will be able to apply pressure to their back and they will actually stand still and perk their ears. Other symptoms include lack of appetite, becoming more vocal and acting moody. Gilts and Sows typically drop half of their eggs towards the beginning of their heat cycle, and the other half of their eggs towards the end of the cycle. It is important to get a dose of semen in your gilt/sow after the first day of standing heat and on the last day as well to ensure all eggs have a chance to become fertilized. Additionally, gilts/sows will come into heat 4-5 days after weaning.
Click here for a list of Ear Notch and Registration Numbers.
All of the semen that we ship is sent via UPS Next Day Air (Next day ground in Ohio). We can ship semen Monday – Friday for next day delivery. Semen shipped on Friday requires an address with Saturday Delivery. You can call us to check your address if you are not sure. There is also an additional charge from UPS for Saturday delivery. You should order your semen when you notice first symptoms of heat as you will get it the next day. If you think your gilt/sow will be in heat during a weekend, you should order your semen on Thursday to receive on Friday.
We offer overrun pricing starting at Noon EST. We will discount most available semen up to 50%. Semen sold at overrun pricing is not sold as Guaranteed Settle.
All full price semen that is normally $100 or more is sold as Guaranteed Settle. Semen that is discounted for any reason is not available for Guaranteed Settle. If your gilt/sow comes back into heat after breeding her with Guaranteed Semen, you need to let us know within 30 days of breeding. We will replace the semen with an equal or lesser value boar. If a higher valued boar is chosen for replacement semen, the customer will be responsible to pay the difference. The customer is also responsible for all shipping charges.
Semen can last 7-10 days if stored properly. Semen should be stored near 64° F, rotated at least twice daily and kept away from any light source until used. The box you receive the semen in is an insulated cooler box and will be filled with cool packs. You should leave the semen in this box and store it in a cooler place in your house like your basement. Do not place semen in your fridge or freezer. Some people have even invested in a wine cooler to use for semen storage, just make sure to cover the glass window to keep it dark as well.
In order to register your purebred litter, you must get an AI Certificate from us. You will need to have a Herdmark, which can be obtained from the National Swine Registry. We will also need to know which boar you used and the date you either bred your gilt/sow, or the day the litter was born. There is also a $30 fee to process the AI Certificate through NSR.
Here is a good resource page to help with the ear notching system.
We have placed Ear Notch and Registration #’s on most of the boar pages
You should wean your pigs when they reach 21-28 days old. As the pigs grow, they require more milk and there will become a point that the sow will not be able produce enough milk to keep the pigs growing properly. This usually occurs near the 21 day old mark.
We recommend that you have a custom vaccination program made for you. We use Dr. Dale Hendrickson at Stoney Creek Vet Service. His phone # is 765-468-6099