Capitol Gain X Power On

Judge X Mudslide

Prison Style X Impeccable

Bone N Hand X Outahand

Busch League X Special

Sight to See X Black Onyx

Fire Away X Hell on Wheels

Above the Law X Fortune

Indian Outlaw X Miss Gretzky

Fire Away X Impeccable

Bear Claw X Veishea

Attention X He's the One

Polar Bear X Challenger

Monopoly X Did It

Keep Talking X King Kong

Keep Talking X Double Barrel

Back Home X Crusader

Pathfinder X Firewall

Power Up X Thumbs Up

Sheckles X Vision

Buzz Saw X Convoy

Speak Now X Gary Coleman

Better Man X Monster Stick

Mogul X Black Powder

Overtime X Barron

Lead Foot X Beal