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KTB7 TCG All You Want 1-5 / History Maker

x DASS8 Big Hickory 1-9
Farrowed: 8/12/10 - Litter of 12
Test Data:  0.72 B.F. - 9.60 L.E. - 1.80 WPDA
Semen: $75 / dose

owned by:
Shipley and Snyder Berks - OH
bred by: Flash Farms - Batesville, IN

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"Grand Champion Berkshire Boar - N.S.W.T.C. Belton, Texas"

One heavy boned, stout made, wide based Berkshire boar with excellent running gears. Justify is packed full of muscle from end to end. Wide coming at you and wide going away. He is huge bladed and really big in his hip and hind leg with a wide thick top and big full rib and center body.

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